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Czech Hunter – Episode 500: It’s The Producer’s Turn

In this special episode of Czech Hunter, the producer meets a sexy Czech dude. He’s totally straight but doesn’t mind to fuck a male ass. So, it seems it’s the producer’s turn to bottom. Today I was chasing almost a rec center. I was planning to get a beefed together fella and wreck his ass. All I got was a lean cutie who immovably dismissed to accomplish all the more at that point contacting my cock with his hand.

Czech Hunter - Episode 500: It's The Producer's Turn

I was somewhat disillusioned however couldn’t take my eyes off his tremendous cock. So as opposed to fucking him, I paid him to fuck me. What’s more, he was really acceptable at it. I began spilling cum well before he put his dick inside me. I basically couldn’t hold on to be fucked by this wonderful holy messenger, simply glancing in his chocolate eyes made me unbelievably horny. It was such an incredible ride! He was unpracticed yet at the same time gave my ass decent slamming. The person had high stamina. I surmise he relaxed a little at the rec center so he had the option to fuck me for such a long time! At the point when I was unable to hold it any longer, I lied him on his back and emptied all over his body.

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