Men On Edge: Ricky Larkin & Dillon Diaz

Men On Edge: Ricky Larkin & Dillon Diaz 1
The Big C Men

Fans of leather, this is for you! In this episode of Men On Edge, Ricky Larkin dressed in leather from head to toe gets edged hard by muscled Master Dillon Dioz. Muscle stud Ricky is helpless before hot experienced leather-clad handler Dillon. Head encased in leather, Ricky is caught in haziness. His arms are encased in leather subjugation sleeves and pulled behind him with thick substantial chains. He can just smell the leather of his leather gag and feel the overwhelming chains holding him set up. Dillon skims his gloved hands over Ricky’s leather-encased cock, pressing softly as Ricky moans.

He presses Ricky’s touchy areolas and kisses the veil covering Ricky’s mouth. He sinks to his knees and uncovers Ricky’s stone hard cock. Ricky groans as Dillon strokes his cock and brings it into his mouth. Dillon takes as much time as necessary tasting every last bit of Ricky’s heavenly cock. Before long Ricky is stressing to fuck Dillon’s warm wet mouth. Dillon snickers, getting a ball parachute and snapping it around Ricky’s balls. He attaches it to a point before Ricky. The pulling sensation on his balls makes Ricky significantly progressively frantic to cum. Dillon puts areola suckers on Ricky’s areolas and keeps edging Ricky. Ricky squirms as Dillon prods the leader of his cock with his hands and his mouth. He asks to cum however Dillon isn’t finished with him yet. Dillon strips him down and ties him up. He removes Ricky’s boots and scents his sweat-soaked socks before taking them off uncovering Ricky’s feet. He licks up Ricky’s curve and sucks on Ricky’s toes. At that point he begins tickling! Ricky giggles noisily, squirming as Dillon’s fingers locate his touchy spots.

Men On Edge: Ricky Larkin & Dillon Diaz

At that point Dillon breaks out a toothbrush to keep stimulating Ricky’s feet. Ricky tosses his head back as he snickers in enchant. Dillon gets Ricky’s feet and armpits simultaneously, making Ricky snicker wildly. At that point Dillon draws out the violet wand and runs it over Ricky’s feet. Ricky’s toes twist as Dillon prods him with it. At long last, Dillon quits stimulating Ricky and drives a vibrating prostate toy into Ricky’s ass. The vibrations have Ricky prepared to shoot and he asks Dillon to take his heap. Dillon takes leniency on Ricky and lets him blow his heap. Before Ricky can unwind, Dillon begins stimulating him once more!

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