TwinkTop: Jonathan F Maze & Dallas Steele

TwinkTop: Jonathan F Maze & Dallas Steele 2
The Big C Men

In this first chapter for the best “younger on older” site TwinkTop, cute twink Jonathan F Maze barebacks muscled daddy Dallas Steele. Felix strolled into his restroom while he was shaving, discovering him remaining there in his white briefs. He’d referenced to his staff that his washroom was allowed to utilize if the principal showers were ever occupied, yet he was shocked to see one of his campers remaining before him! He was excited to see that youthful Felix more likely than not found out about his idea from other people.

He looked at his body as the water ran over his smooth skin, trickling down over his uncovered youthful part. He saw Felix glancing back at him, also at the chief’s muscles and lump. He could for all intents and purposes taste the strain between them. Long periods of taken looks and cautious being a tease, and now they were secured an enchanting gazing challenge…

TwinkTop: Jonathan F Maze & Dallas Steele 1

Executive Steele inquired as to whether he could go along with him, an offer that made Felix unmistakably get more earnestly in the warm stream of water. Steele peeled off his clothing and got in with his young associate, feeling his smooth body press against his.

TwinkTop: Jonathan F Maze & Dallas Steele

Felix kissed him, snatching at his and stroking him as he assumed responsibility for their shower meeting. The two men adore each other’s bodies; licking each other’s pits and muscles, and holding onto their manly highlights as their cocks become more enthusiastically.

Felix stoops down to feel the huge man’s ass, kissing his cheeks before tongue-fucking his hole. Steele inclines in a bad spot, presenting his ass to the horny youngster, frantic to feel him breed him hard and profound!

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