Young Bastards: Ethan Wilder & Oliver Morgenson

Young Bastards: Ethan Wilder & Oliver Morgenson 1
The Big C Men

Rough bareback fucker Ethan Wilder meets submissive cock hungry Oliver Morgenson in this hard and drenched in jizz session by Young Bastards. What could have become a battle before long becomes something hornier when forceful butt fucker Ethan discovers Oliver having a smoke in the old surrendered distribution center. Inside minutes he has the boy against the divider with his ass out, his hard whole meat rapidly poking into him between his warm beefy butt cheeks.

Young Bastards: Ethan Wilder & Oliver Morgenson

Fair boy Oliver probably won’t have expected to turn into a buddy’s bitch however he ain’t grumbling, accepting the open door to suck the pre from the enormous bit of fuckmeat before it’s stuck up his hole once more. Absolutely stripped and piercing his ass down on the exposed meat Oliver appreciates being the accommodating base Ethan plainly realized he was, wrapping up with cum sprinkled all over his fit body.

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