Latin Leche – Numero 131

Latin Leche - Numero 131 1
The Big C Men

In Latin Leche Numero 131, the cameraman of the site stumbles upon a very sexy guy. On top of that, the guy is eager to be barebacked! Yes, that’s an amazing coincidence. You know that usually, the cameraman has to convince the participants in his productions, which takes quite a lot of time and cash. Well, this time things are different because this sexy man just likes to fuck.

Latin Leche - Numero 131 2

Hung Young Brit

The session takes place in a spa club. The cameraman of Latin Leche generally likes to participate, but Andreas is too sexy, so our guy decides that his job is to film the action. That’s right, we deserve to enjoy Andreas, which wouldn’t be possible if the cameraman was filming while fucking him.

Latin Leche - Numero 131

Things line up in the perfect way when an unexpected stranger joins in and delivers the necessary thing – a big, bare cock for Andreas’ hot ass. The stranger barebacks Andreas and fills him with sticky Latin Leche.

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