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Dominic Pacifico & Alex Killian – Daddy’s Fist

In this week’s episode of Fisting Inferno’s “Daddy’s Fist”. muscled, leather daddy Dominic Pacifico pleases Alex Killian by gay fisting. Alex Killian is chained up and suited with a blackout leather mask. Dominic Pacifico gears up with his girthy set of toys and starts off by sliding his raw cock into Alex’s ass.

Dominic Pacifico & Alex Killian - Daddy's Fist

Dominic pumps Alex’s hole full of cock before grabbing a massive, silicone dong and working it into Alex’s ass. Inch by inch, Alex’s hole adapts to the dildo and swallows it whole. It’s not long before the silicone cock is replaced with Dominic’s fist and the ass stretching really begins.

Dominic Pacifico & Alex Killian - Daddy's Fist 1

Dominic finally lets Alex loose from his chains and continues to handball his hole. Dominic is ready to let Alex see what’s next and takes his hood off to show him what he’s taking next. To his surprise and delight, it’s another massive dildo for Alex to ride. When Dominic wants Alex to cum, he plants his fist back up Alex’s hole until Alex’s cock blasts off a huge load all over himself.

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