Donnie Marco & Adam Stahl – UK Naked Men

Donnie Marco & Adam Stahl - UK Naked Men 1
The Big C Men

Donnie Marco and Adam Stahl play hard and a little in this bareback session by UK Naked Men. Armpits sniffing, leather, ruthless ass pumping – this is only a part of their piggy fun. Big bad Adam Stahl is cruising the gents when he cuts across, quite literally ( eventually) Donnie Marco, our favorite, skin-head, mean mutha fucker. He’s a strapping piece of a very sexy man, and he LURVES licking arse, sniffing armpits, and general reprehensible piggy behavior.

Donnie Marco & Adam Stahl - UK Naked Men

Hung Young Brit

Donnie Marco is very appreciative of his talented tongue. BUT big burly bastard Adam is also a very keen power bottom and he’s spreading those beef cheeks in the blink of an eye, allowing Donnie Marco full access to his wet, tight fuck-hole. It’s a bareback festival of uncut cocks and spunky pleasures as the boys fuck all over the place, standing up, with Adam Stahl squatting on Donnie’s fat uncut dick, this man-whore is getting it always, until that tight hole is a wet mess!

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