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Gawkers – Part 1: Malik Delgaty & Sean Peek

Malik Delgaty & Sean Peek star in the opening episode of MEN’s latest hit “Gawkers”. These two horny men have gorgeous bareback sex. Sean Peek has regaled his friends Thyle and Dex with how hot his new roommate, Malik Delgaty, is, but instead of letting them meet him, he has them secretly spy on Malik as he does pushups in nothing but his little shorts. The guys hide in a closet as Sean pulls out his “exercise equipment” – a bouncy ball equipped with a dildo!

Gawkers - Part 1: Malik Delgaty & Sean Peek

Malik Delgaty stares as Sean Peek sucks the toy and then slides it into his hole, bouncing around in front of the muscular top and sucking his cock. The guys hidden in the closet stroke each other’s cocks as they watch their friend get fucked doggystyle. Malik pounds Sean’s hole super deep in missionary, then picks him up before Sean rides him on the floor till he cums. Malik isn’t the only one about to finish with a facial, as Thyle and Dex spill out of the closet and cum on each other’s faces!

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