Axel Abysse – Compilation 12: Punch

Axel Abysse - Compilation 12: Punch 1
The Big C Men

Axel Abysse proudly presents Compilation 12 of his gay fisting masterpiece. It’s time for total anal destruction and punches in “Punch”. Axel’s hole is made of steel, you better fist it hard if you want to please it. No teasing, no counting, Axel will take all the punches you give him!

Axel Abysse - Compilation 12: Punch

Hung Young Brit

Compilation 12 of Axel Abysse features Excerpts from ‘Blaze’ with Ian Greene, ‘Carmine’ with Pup Jay, ‘I’m right there with you’ with Njitalian, ‘Krashed’ with Yoshi Kawasaki, and ‘Hunger, part 1’ with Bulrog.

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