Raw Fuck Boys: Brogan Reed & Matthew Rogers

Raw Fuck Boys: Brogan Reed & Matthew Rogers 1
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Brogan Reed & Matthew Rogers cum with powerful climaxes this week on Raw Fuck Boys. Brogan bottoms for Matthew in the best way possible. Brogan, is a handsome, beefy, muscled guy with cropped hair and light stubble on his face. The big guy is horny as hell for a hot fuck, eager to dump a load in a tight hole. He invites Matthew back to his Tucson hotel room, making sure to have the camera rolling for their steamy session. Mattthew has collar-length, dirty blond hair, swept back from his face. He’s a cute boy with smooth skin and a tattoo which wraps around his shoulder and upper arm.

They get down to it pretty quickly and Matthew gets Brogan into a real dirty mood by sucking his dick. He goes in hard: licking, slurping and gagging until Brogan starts panting and groaning. Brogan then climbs on top of Matthew, sucking his nipples to get him fired up and begging for more. Brogan can see Matthew is leaking precum in excitement, so the muscle top starts giving him head, deep-throating the handsome blond to lap up every drop of his sweet nectar.

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Raw Fuck Boys: Brogan Reed & Matthew Rogers

The two men kiss hungrily. Everything seems to move at lightning speed to satisfy their uncontrollable lust. Brogan can’t hold back any longer, spitting on his cock and throwing Matthew onto his back to hammer his bare dick into him at high speed! Brogan feels his cock sliding inside Matthew’s hole, massaging his cock and bringing him to the edge of climax!

Instead of cumming right away, Brogan pulls out, offering up his meaty muscle butt to his freshly fucked bottom. As much as the big guy loves to top, he loves feeling his prostate pounded from the inside as well! Brogan gets on all fours and Matthew shoves his giant bell end inside him and sets the pace to “destroy!” He fucks aggressively, getting up on one knee to go in harder as Brogan pants and gasps in pleasure.

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