Matthew Grande & Zario Travezz – Kinkmen

Matthew Grande & Zario Travezz - Kinkmen 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

The tattooed porn star Matthew Grande is a fan of BDSM. That’s why he joins Kinkmen in an amazing, sadistic scene with Zario Travezz. Zario shows Matthew some sides of BDSM – such as dildo fucking, pissing, spanking, and rough bareback breeding.

Here’s the original plot: Matthew Grande is up for a new position and Zario Travezz is here to see if he really has what it takes! Zario commands Matthew to lick his leather boots and Matthew eagerly complies. He eagerly swallows Zario’s cock and lavishes it with attention. So far so good.

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Matthew Grande & Zario Travezz - Kinkmen

Next, Matthew is hooded and tied with rope. Unable to see or move, Matthew struggles as Zario crops all over his muscular body. Pleased with Matthew’s performance so far, Zario starts to play with Matthew’s ass. He pushes anal beads into Matthew’s slutty hole one by one. Finally, Zario sinks into cock into Matthew’s tight hole. Matthew moans as Zario fucks him hard and fast. Zario pulls out and cums all over Matthew’s ass. Matthew cums too–all over Zario’s boots and is then made to clean up his mess!

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