TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor & Riley Mitchell

TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor & Riley Mitchell 3
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Only a few weeks after the start of TwinkLoads, Connor Taylor is already a famous fucker. His next client is beefy, inked daddy Riley Mitchell. Riley had been into Connor from the moment he saw the geeky, red-headed pizza delivery boy at his local restaurant. He was very excited, therefore, when he ordered a take-out and Connor was sent to deliver it! The two guys flirted and Connor said he had a break for a few minutes…

TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor & Riley Mitchell

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Moments later, both men were on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, ripping bits of clothing off and kissing passionately. Riley loved the way that Connor’s dick tasted. Riley prides himself on giving amazing head, and took Connor’s dick right into his throat while the pizza boy moaned appreciatively and spread his long, thin, pale legs wider on the bed.

TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor & Riley Mitchell 1

Connor told Riley to get on all fours so he could stick his long tongue into the older man’s muscular butt. Riley’s entire body was suddenly shaking in extreme anticipation! Connor slowly pushed his long dick into Riley, who almost felt like he was being split in two. Connor’s strokes were deep and slow.

TwinkLoads: Connor Taylor & Riley Mitchell 2

The pace picked up and Connor suddenly started to slam himself into Riley with such force it took Riley’s breath away and left him unable to do anything but moan. Connor, meanwhile, was unable to do anything other than bolt his thick, creamy load inside Riley’s ass.

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