Gaycest: Danny Wilcoxx & Max Sargent

Gaycest: Danny Wilcoxx & Max Sargent 1
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This week from Gaycest, sweet boy Danny Wilcoxx has his mind blow when Max Sargent takes him out of town for a passionate, sensual, and intimate exploration of their intergenerational bond. Here’s what Danny said: When I presented myself in front of my grandpa, wearing nothing under my robe but a jockstrap, he gave me a look that made me forget all my doubts. He came closer to me, making me feel so small next to his large, muscular body, and gave me a deep kiss.

He didn’t remove his robe right away, though. Instead, he pulled mine off, letting it fall from my body onto the floor. He looked me over, feeling my chest and arms, taking me in his eyes. He even reached around to my backside, feeling the cheeks of my exposed ass.

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My grandpa then laid me down on a bed face down. I was more excited than I could imagine, turning into a puddle as he began to run his hands on my back. I thought he was going to give me a massage, but then I felt the unmistakable feeling of his scruffy beard and mouth trailing behind his hands. He kissed me from my neck all the way down my spine, rubbing me and relaxing me until his lips began to kiss my ass.

My back arched as he did, seemingly involuntarily to the way it shot pleasure throughout my body. I couldn’t believe that his tongue was sliding between my ass, lapping at my hole. My cock was pressed between the bed and my stomach, grinding into the bed as it swelled up and began to leak.

My grandpa had an incredible tongue. I didn’t realize that being licked and kissed there could feel so good. He came up for air after a while of swirling his tongue around to kiss me on the lips again. As he did, I could see that he took off his robe. He was so handsome, so strong, so sexy. And the bulge in his jockstrap was like a baseball!

Gaycest: Danny Wilcoxx & Max Sargent

As much as I loved the deep rimming he gave me, what really set me off was when he brought out the clear, glass toy. It was like a wand that he used to trigger every internal pleasure. He oiled it up, getting it good and wet before he moved it between my cheeks where his tongue had been.

It felt cool and firm, like a steel pipe, but smooth and rounded like it had no edges whatsoever. I was nervous, but looking back at my grandpa, he nodded and told me it would be okay. I trust my grandpa more than anyone else. And even though I was a little scared, I wanted to do it. For him.

It seemed too big at first. Like it could split me in two. But when grandpa gave me one more deep kiss and I felt my body open like it had for my first time. The toy slipped inside my hole, pushing up against my prostate. My balls felt funny and my cock leaked even more on my stomach.

I felt like I was about to explode and I tried to hold back as much as possible. But it was no use. Suddenly and without control, I burst all over my stomach, right through my jockstrap and onto the bed. Jet after jet of cum poured out of me, covering me in my own fluids.

At first I was embarrassed, worried that I’d disappointed my grandpa and ruined the opportunity to show him I could be a good boy.

Thankfully, he didn’t seem bothered. He actually seemed amazed! He smiled, thrilled to have given me pleasure. I lifted myself up and he could see the mess I’d left on myself. He ran his hand all over it, playing with my cum and tasting it, bringing it to his fingers and up to his mouth. He ate it like it was some sweet treat. It was wild to see him swallow my cum, but all it made me want was a taste of his!

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