RealMenFuck: Zak Bishop & Des Irez

RealMenFuck: Zak Bishop & Des Irez 1
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The guys from RealMenFuck are here with their newest video featuring Zak Bishop & Des Irez. Des slips his cock in Zak’s ass and fucks it raw. Zak Bishop needs a dick in his slit bad and he’s been craving Des Irez’ curved cock since the day they met. Finally, Zak gets what he wants but first he needs to satisfy his taste for cock by getting on his knees to service Des. He slurps and gags on Des’ bent dick, taking the whole uncut curve down his open throat. When he gets Des nice and hard, the hung stud gets behind Zak to eat his ass. Des opens Zak up by licking his hole and jacking him off at the same time.

RealMenFuck: Zak Bishop & Des Irez

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After a few minutes, Des can’t hold off any longer and slams his big throbbing cock deep into Zak’s gaping hole. He pounds away, not caring what Zak wants until until Zak is the first to go, blasting his jizz all over the floor. As Des pounds the cum out of Zak, he can feel Zak’s asshole throbbing on his still-fucking cock. That’s all it takes and soon Des is unloading his dick deep into Zak’s ass, giving him the creampie of his life. When Des pulls out, Zak pushes the gusher out onto the floor as Des pulls him close and gives him a nice long drip of spit into his mouth to let him know know he cares. See? Zak isn’t just a hole after all!

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