TwinkTop: Oliver James & Rick Fantana

TwinkTop: Oliver James & Rick Fantana 2
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After they met few times on Gaycest, Oliver James and Rick Fantana meet once again – this time in this amazing TwinkTop session. Oliver came to see me earlier this week. I could tell there was something on his mind. I was a little surprised when he told me he’d planned a hook up with a bottom guy and was worried he wouldn’t know how to top! I told him he could practice on me! The statement just sort of blurted out of my mouth!

TwinkTop: Oliver James & Rick Fantana

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We got down to it pretty quick. I pulled him towards me and we kissed like a pair of randy teenagers, tearing each other’s clothes off. I started sucking his neat, cut cock. It tasted real good. I explained he needed to learn how to lube up a guy’s ass by getting his tongue right in there. I got on all fours and stuck my ass out so that he could get to work. I stayed squatting on the couch and he stood behind me, teasing the tip of his dick between my ass cheeks. Within seconds he was easing himself, real slow, in and out of me.

He started pumping a little faster, squatting behind me, his legs real wide apart, thigh muscles engaged, the tip of his dick rubbing against my prostate. Moments later, he started properly fucking me. I got lost in the moment. It was his idea for me to get on my back. He pushed my legs in the air, lined his dick up, and stared right into my eyes as he rammed it in. He went real deep and seemed majestic somehow, taking complete control of me, bringing me closer and closer to climax.

TwinkTop: Oliver James & Rick Fantana 1

As the spunk squirted from my dick, he picked up the speed. I came big. I could feel the cum hitting my stomach and oozing down my abs. He suddenly shot inside me. I felt massive jets of teenage cum flying into my stomach! We lay there, in each other’s arms, panting and trying to regulate our breathing. The only phrase which kept dancing about in my head was, “now that’s how a top goes from zero to hero!”

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