UK Naked Men: Lincoln Gates & Damien Ryder

UK Naked Men: Lincoln Gates & Damien Ryder 1
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Lincoln Gates and Damien Ryder are amazing in their first mutual session for UK Naked Men. Prepare yourself for intense, hard fucking! It’s our favorite treasure trail, the very sexy Lincoln Gates is back with that oh-so-sexy patch of fur from his sensitive nipples past the such dip of his belly button and down, down to the good stuff, Ba-Doing, that’s weighty, uncut cock he’s wielding and on the receiving end if the equally delicious Damien Ryder, Riding by nature too.

UK Naked Men: Lincoln Gates & Damien Ryder

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These sexy lads strip off and get down to the nasty! Theres’ snogging, cock sucking and fucking a plenty as Damien pushes back for every steaming rigid inch of dick, and he gets it good. Is anything as wonderful as watching two handsome, totally-into-each-other studs getting it on. These lads thrash and collide their way to a spooge tactic cum shot!

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