Bring Me A Boy: Demanding Daddies

Bring Me A Boy: Demanding Daddies 1
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The guys from Bring Me A Boy present a hot compilation of videos with the sexiest demanding daddies and their cock addicted stepsons. I hang with a cool group of men that enjoys taking care of our stepsons. We know how important our role is when it comes to raising a respectful young man. Responsibility like that means that sometimes we have to be a rather demanding daddy. That could mean putting a naughty boy over your knees now and then or doing something as simple as washing paint off of their smooth, naked bodies.

Bring Me A Boy: Demanding Daddies

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It also means taking care of their sexual needs if they need it. But more importantly, making sure they take care of yours. And our boys are the best. They suck our dicks better than anyone and take our cocks better than anyone. I love watching my boy’s eyes open wide when the head of my cock pops into his tight hole. The sounds his body makes when it’s plugged with my daddy dick. Let’s not forget how fucking tightly his hole grabs my dick when he strokes his cock and shoots his load. Damn, we sure do love our boys, and they love us back.

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