Valentin Petrov Seeds Greg Riley’s Hole In The Locker Room

Valentin Petrov Seeds Greg Riley's Hole In The Locker Room 1
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Two dicks, two holes, two hot daddies, and 1 locker room – this week’s situation at Pride Studios, where Valentin Petrov seeds Greg Riley’s ass. The two handsome men meet after one of their daily workouts. Valentine takes a shower when Greg enters the locker room. Greg is impressed by Valentin’s good physique and decides to sit on the bench and jerk off while watching Valentine take a bath. Valentine notices what Greg is doing and decides to get involved.

Valentin Petrov Seeds Greg Riley's Hole In The Locker Room

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Valentin Petrov and Greg Riley kiss before Valentine points Greg in the right direction. When Greg reaches the right place, he opens his mouth and starts sucking Valentine’s dick. Then Valentine also satisfies his new friend orally, paying special attention to Greg’s hole. Finally, Valentin penetrates that hole with his raw cock and starts barebacking. He plows Greg till his cock seed Greg’s hole with fresh semen.

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