Yoshi Kawasaki – Lewd Awakening

Yoshi Kawasaki - Lewd Awakening
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It’s time for a lewd awakening with Yoshi Kawasaki. The tattooed Asian fisting star opens his hole and takes a fist up his ass in the morning. There are times it’s great to have a flatmate, for example when you need someone to give you a wakeup in the morning. Yoshi’s flatmate goes the extra distance when he goes into the bedroom to wake him up on time. Seeing Yoshi face down in bed in a union suit with buttonfly booty, he unbuttons the fly and begins softly caressing Yoshi’s ass. When Yoshi’s butt begins pumping and undulating from the attention, the roomie lubes his hand and enters.

Yoshi Kawasaki - Lewd Awakening 1

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Finally Yoshi begins to stir from dreamland with a slick fist up his hole. More lube and the fist is fully in past the wrist. Two lubed hands open him up even wider. Yoshi moans with excitement, rises up to hands and knees. He turns smiling and lifts his legs wide open. His hole throbs and blooms. Dripping lube, Yoshi takes the flatmate almost to the elbow. For the morning repast he truly needs, Yoshi gets a fresh raw egg fed directly into his starving hole. Wakeup call achieved in style…

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