Leather Man Christian Wilde Drills Vander Pulaski

Leather Man Christian Wilde Drills Vander Pulaski 1
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The sexiest leather man is back on stage in this new scene by KinkMen. Superstud Christian Wilde drills and torments Vander Pulaski in this sadistic fuck fest. Christian Wilde is up to no good. He has had his eye on Vander Pulaski for a long time and he is finally doing something about it. In a dark industrial dungeon Christian straps his prize to a metal contraption so he can have his way with him. Vander is really just a big cock whore who wants his hole filled with thick cock so Mr. Wilde has kinky plans for this slut.

Leather Man Christian Wilde Drills Vander Pulaski

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Gagged and bound Vander can’t do a thing about the dirty perverted things Christian is doing to him like sucking his dick and decorating his balls with clothespins. Pre-cum oozes out of Pulaski’s cock as he moans with pleasure. He doesn’t want to like it but he can’t help himself, what a disgrace. Christian takes his little fuck toy on a wild ride with edging, flogging, spanking, choking and finally fucking. Blindfolded and flipped around so his ass is wide open and fuckable Christian pounds this cock whore’s hole with abandon until Pulaski shoots a hot load. Mr Wilde isn’t done with Vander yet…there is so much more torment and fucking to come. Stayed tuned for part two next week…

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