Master & Slave: Nate K & Nate Williams

Master & Slave: Nate K & Nate Williams 1
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This week at GrindHouse Raw by Treasure Island Media, we’re going to watch a kinky BDSM and bareback session with Nate K & Nate Williams. Nate K plays the slave and Nate Williams is his master. The master flogs Nate before ordering him to fuck his ass.

In this sexy scene, it’s Nate vs Nate as Nate Williams starts by flogging Nate K. Williams is a little too enthusiastic with that Cat of Nine Tails and you can see the welts building up on Nate K’s back. Rest assured though NateK has the perfect revenge for Nate Williams when he flips him over and fucks the hell out of him.

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Master & Slave: Nate K & Nate Williams

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