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Teacher’s Pet Fister – Scene 1: Drew Dixon & Micah Martinez

Fisting Inferno present their latest hot feature “Teacher’s Pet Fister”. In this first scene, Drew Dixon gets fist fucked by Micah Martinez. Micah pumps Drew’s hole with his big fist till Drew shoots his load of cum.


The script. Micah Martinez plays the role of a university professor of anatomy and Drew Dixon plays the role of his student. Drew has difficulty with the anatomy of the anus, and Micah is happy to teach the diligent student an extra lesson. Drew is very surprised when Micah explains to him that the sphincter is a muscle that can be stretched very seriously. Micah offers Drew to show him how stretching happens and very soon he finds himself with Micah fisting his ass.

Teacher's Pet Fister - Scene 1: Drew Dixon & Micah Martinez 1

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