BoyForSale: Jack Bailey & Lance Charger – The Grooming

BoyForSale: Jack Bailey & Lance Charger - The Grooming 1
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It’s time for the grooming of the newest BoyForSale, Jack Bailey. Lance Charger takes care of it by milking Jack’s cock and dildoing his ass. As soon as I got Jack up on the presentation block, I was delighted with how well he took to his new position. When I took off his clothes, I began to think of him more as a product and less as my flesh and blood. I could see what attracted me to him, yes, but I began to see him as something the buyers would love to.

It took everything in my power not to fuck him right then and there. I wetted my fingers and toyed with his hole, feeling the familiar sensation of his soft, stretchy sphincter around my digit. It fit like a ring, tight but smooth. I knew he would make someone very happy. As I continued to open his hole, tasting it, sniffing it, and feeling it relax on the end of my tongue, I could see Jack playing with his rock hard cock, turned on beyond expectation. He had never been treated like this before. He’d never been with a man who would use him, dominate him, and make him feel like what he is: a slave.

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I knew I was going to have to open him up. Really stretch the limits of his hole. It was just the way of it. Not just because I love him, but because he needed to know what it’s like to be taken by a man of my position: a master. It would be rough, and a little scary, but it would be the ultimate test of potential. If he could handle that, he’d be well on his way to being someone’s prize possession…

BoyForSale: Jack Bailey & Lance Charger - The Grooming

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