Pinned: Beau Butler, Adrian Hart & Reign

Pinned: Beau Butler, Adrian Hart & Reign 1
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In this episode of Pinned, professional wrestler Beau Butler finds himself in the middle of a sex sandwich with Adrian Hart and Reign. After five intense rounds on the mat, beefy wrestling stud Beau Butler has successfully pinned opponent Adrian Hart. To commemorate the win, referee Reign holds down Adrian so Beau can swallow every inch of the massive cock that’s sprung out of Adrian’s yellow, skin-tight singlet.

With the muscular Adrian now focused on getting his hole and pole serviced, the ref turns his attention to barebacking Beau’s incredibly hairy ass. Reign thrusts the entirety of his XL cock in and out of Beau’s asshole as Adrian uses his long dick to fill up Beau’s mouth. A deep-voiced warning from the referee signals that Reign is about to breed Beau’s meaty ass. With his load deep inside Beau, the ref then commands the bottom to push the fresh load out of his used hole as Adrian’s cock spits out a wad of jizz into Beau’s cum-hungry mouth.

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Pinned: Beau Butler, Adrian Hart & Reign

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