Scally Boy Sam Minotaure Bottoms For Juan XXL

Scally Boy Sam Minotaure Bottoms For Juan XXL 1
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Scally boy Sam Minotaure loves sports gear and big dicks in the ass. Well, Juan XXL and his XXL dick definitely fit Sam well. Sam is in the damp, dark cellar of a French farmhouse, raring to get it on with the sexy dude he’s been set up with. His partner today is Juan XXL, who, at 6’6″ tall and hung like a horse, is both XXL by name and by nature! The two men approach each other and Sam dutifully drops to his knees, pulling out Juan’s limp, uncut dick and fluffing it up until it’s an impressive, rock hard weapon. Juan grabs the back of the scally boy’s head and pivots his groin to make sure his dick gets as deep as possible into Sam’s hungry throat.

Juan then pushes Sam against a step ladder in the cellar, which gives him something to grab hold of while his twitching ass is being comprehensively rimmed by the flickering, giant tongue of the hulking top. Within seconds, Juan is plowing Sam’s solid, scally-boy ass, wrecking his tight hole with a huge helping of X-rated meat. Juan bangs relentlessly, wrapping his long, gangly limbs around the gasping bottom boy, smiling like the cat that got the cream. Sam is soon on all fours with Juan persistently power-pounding him from behind, slapping his ass cheeks like a jockey riding a thoroughbred.

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Juan pulls out and cums like the stallion he is. Bewilderingly huge quantities of thick semen fly from his dick, hitting the floor of the cellar with hollow, slapping sounds. Moments later, Sam follows suit, generating another healthy load to add to the mess on the ground!


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