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Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz

This week at Tyler Wu’s WuBoyz, Tyler presents a hot scene with Leo – a cute dude from LA and a big fan of Tyler. Watch Leo bang Tyler raw.

Text from Tyler Wu: An Autumn Afternoon – I’ve followed this boy on Twitter for the longest time… on my fourth trip to LA I finally caught up with him and we had a magical afternoon. His skin is so soft, his face deceptively innocent-looking, it was my pleasure to bottom for you Leo. LA has all the prettiest boys to offer!

Scene Photos

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz 1

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz 2

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz 3

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz 4

Leo Bangs Tyler Wu At WuBoyz 5


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WuBoyz.Com - Tyler Wu's Place
WuBoyz.Com Who is Tyler Wu?
Hey guys and welcome to my site! I’m Tyler, a former figure skater and theme park performer who is finally enjoying letting the world see my sexy side. You might know me from online fan sites, but this is my first venture into producing my own β€œmore professional” porn. I’m a natural exhibitionist, so I enjoy showing off my cock and tight body to you. I work out 5 times a week to keep in good shape and spend my free time traveling the world and having great sex with all the hot guys I can find.

I hope you will enjoy my videos as well and see more of me around these parts in the near future! In addition to all my videos and photos my Developers are working to add a feature so that as a member, you can message me live and tell me all your dirtiest fantasies! Let cum and play together. πŸ™‚

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