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FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate – Chapter 2

The love story of Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate at FTM Men continues as Ethan Tate tastes the bonus hole of tattooed bad-boy Ari Koyote!

After his last incredible session with hot n’ hairy FTM porn star Ari Koyote, Ethan just couldn’t wait to get a second chance in bed with him! Ari leads Ethan into the bedroom and they instantly start making out and stripping. Ethan’s dick was big, hard, and so eager for a long night of fucking… but there were a few things that they wanted to try together first.

Ethan wanted to taste Ari’s bonus hole β€” in fact, he absolutely couldn’t wait. Pushing Ari onto his back, Ethan dove deep inside the pierced t-dick, lapping and sucking at the bad boy’s hairy entrance. And it feels great, great enough that Ari immediately wants to return the favor in the form of a long shaft-and-ball worshiping blowjob. Ethan and Ari’s head game riles them up and results in a multi-positioned fuckfest and beautiful bonus hole cum shot from Ethan’s big cock!

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Scene Photos

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2 1

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2 2

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2 3

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2 4

FTM Men: Ari Koyote & Ethan Tate - Chapter 2 5


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