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Soldier Brock Reynolds Rides Kyler Drayke’s Big Gun

Brock Reynolds loves to play with big guns like Kyler Drayke’s.

At Active Duty, new soldier Brock Reynolds is called into Officer Kyler Drayke’s room to take care of the commander’s big, hard gun. Brock is extremely happy to be chosen for this responsible task because he loves to play with his friends’ big guns. When he enters the room, Kyler is already waiting for him with his big cock ready for action.

Brock leans down in front of the commander and takes the big member down his throat with unprecedented desire and true professionalism. After taking care of his commander’s weapon, Brock moves from behind to lick Kyler’s tight ass.

Kyler then takes the lead. He slides his cock into Brock’s hole and fucks him in a missionary position before diversifying with doggy style. In the finish, he lets Brock ride him before shooting his cum in Brock’s hole, who in the meantime cums while helping himself with a palm.

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