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Wrex Wylde Fists Archer Croft & Brock Kniles In Ass Invaders

The fist action continues, this time Wrex Wylde saves Archer Croft & Brock Kniles.

Fisting Inferno’s fisting fantasy “ASS Invaders” reaches its climax. The only thing that can save Archer Croft & Brock Kniles is Wrex Wylde’s fists. At a classified government medical facility, doctors Archer Croft and Brock Kniles have been exposed to an unknown alien organism’s spores.

To ensure their safety, they turn to WreX Wylde to conduct a thorough exploration of their bodies and remove any potential threats. With plenty of lube on his hands, WreX skillfully delves into the depths of both doctors until he can see their bright red organs and determine if any foreign eggs have taken up residence.

To eliminate any lingering risks, Archer and Brock take action to relieve themselves of any contaminated fluids by leaning back, spreading their legs, and masturbating until they are completely free of harmful microorganisms.

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