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Reality Dudes: Andres Fucks Diego 2

Reality Dudes: Andres Fucks Diego

In this scene by Reality Dudes, two sexy dudes have sex in public. Hairy and extra sexy top Andres fucks the cum out of...
Andres and Alvin for Young Bastards 2

Andres and Alvin for Young Bastards

Alvin is a respectful kid, yet on the other hand the smooth little twink doesn't have much state in the issue when a daddy...
Allen and Andres 6

Allen and Andres

One of the young Latino employees has screwed up on the job and daddy Andres needs to give the boy some schooling. With young...
Andres and Alejo 2

Andres and Alejo

Young Latino Alejo returns to find his daddy in the kitchen. After a bit of how was your day chat, Andres makes it clear...

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