Raw Fuck Club

While waiting for a buddy to arrive, Jeffrey Lloyd occupies himself taking pictures of his ripped abs. When Cory Wilde walks in, the fun begins almost immediately. Jeffrey gets his hands a;; slippery with oil, then applies pressure, sliding up and down Cory’s back. The twink massage quickly heads south, towards Cory’s sweet, plump ass! Next thing you know, Jeffrey’s naked, with that humongous cock waving before Cory’s angelic face. It barely fits in the twink’s mouth as Jeffrey fucks the pretty boy’s face. It’s almost indecent the way he uses Cory’s hot lips but the slender blond seems to be quite happy with a face full of big dick! Jeffrey proceeds to fuck Cory’s face a while before burying his hot and eager tongue that pink little fuckhole for a good rim. Using spit for lube, and a bit of massage oil, Jeffrey mounts Cory, thrusting his big fat raw cock inside the tender pucker and fucking Cory bareback. After a bit more cocksucking, this time with some ass-to-mouth, Jeffrey slides back into Cory, going deeper and fucking the cum out of him before blowing his own juicy load, which Cory then tastes. It’s a beautiful ending with a nice sticky finish and cum tasting!

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