Adair and Sean Peyton

Adair and Sean Peyton 1
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Adair has been with guys before, apparently doing everything from topping to bottoming, but cock sucking is struggle for him. I don’t think we have had a traditional full Service video in a while, so Sean does all the work in this video. Adair is a bit nervous to start with, and does rely on the porn playing for him. It takes Sean a couple minutes to get him hard, and then we get some great cock sucking! Sean knows what he is doing! When Sean flips Adair doggie-style, boy does Adair ever look ready to Bottom. He loved having his ass rimmed, while Sean dived in deep with his tongue. Adair says he prefers to top, but I would push to that great ass pillaged! Adair jerks-off pretty fast in order to cum, so I knew Sean likely couldn’t pull a load out of him.

But we get an awesome facial, as Adair coats Sean’s face and mouth with a giant load!

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