This week at Eurocreme, Dave London services Scott’s dick.

Bearded young man Scott jumps down onto the sofa with Dave, visibly nervous but also well up for the host to get his hands over his tight pale and slightly hairy body. Scott sounds like a proper London lad, and as his tracksuit pants are pulled down, Dave gets a nice view of that round white ass in his face!

Soon laying back on the sofa butt naked, his dick is rising to the occasion nicely, the nerves now swiftly disappearing and Dave’s mouth is full of amateur cock! Just how the host likes it, and Scott’s tight body, armpit open to the camera and Dave is lapping at his fuzzy chest then back to the dick! Jerking the man off, Scott releases a nice thick load over himself, much to Dave’s pleasure as he laps it up.

Pictures of Dave London and Scott

Dave London Amateurs 2 - Scott

Dave London Amateurs 2 - Scott 1

Dave London Amateurs 2 - Scott 2

Dave London Amateurs 2 - Scott 3

Dave London Amateurs 2 - Scott 4

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