Vadim Black – Solo for Bad Puppy

Gay porn super star Vadim Black show his giant cock in a hot solo video for Bad Puppy. He strokes it harder and harder until giant load of cum is shot.

Vadim Black - Solo for Bad Puppy 5
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Super star Vadim Black has been in the gay porn business for a long time now. His greatest turn-ons are getting his cock sucked, having somebody kiss his whole body and getting jolted off. The most unusual spot he’s at any point engaged in sexual relations was in the restroom at a ball game amid the fourth inning. Vadim cases to stroke off or fuck 4-5 times each day. He works out 6 days seven days, two times every day and trust me it appears.

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This man is totally HOT! He begins discussing his most loved dream which is getting together with 2 other individuals for a 3-way when he declares that he’s getting all horned up and he promptly rips off his shirt. His abs, chest and arms are staggeringly chiseled and not excessively inked. He unfastens his jeans and pushes his hand into his clothing. When his jeans fall off his cock is as of now practically protruding out of his clothing.

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Vadim stands and liberates his thick, whole cock and promptly begins jacking it and pulling at his balls. He stands up, pivots for the camera giving us a decent shot of that hot air pocket butt of his before returning to the current issue. In a matter of seconds at all Vadim’s balls nearly vanish and as his breathing extends his abs take care of and his cock dumps a thick, velvety heap of cum everywhere on his abs and chest. Allows simply state that Vadim is welcome back to Badpuppy whenever.

Video – Vadim Black jerks off

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