A Warm Welcome: Thyle Knoxx & Tomas Decastro

A Warm Welcome: Thyle Knoxx & Tomas Decastro 1
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In “A Warm Welcome” by Men.Com, Thyle Knoxx & Tomas Decastro ride dildos before Thyle bends over and welcomes Tomas’ bareback cock in his ass. Thyle Knoxx is tired of being voluntold to house his mother’s whole group of friends for nothing, so when she rings him and lets him know Tomas Decastro will remain in his extra room, Thyle chooses to give his houseguest an invite he won’t overlook.

A Warm Welcome: Thyle Knoxx & Tomas Decastro

Thyle is certain that in the event that he and his flatmate welcome Tomas completely bare, he’ll run for the slopes… rather, Tomas strips down to his birthday suit and goes along with them on the lounge chair! Thyle declares it’s a great opportunity to yank off, and Tomas joins directly in. Furthermore, when Tomas discovers Thyle riding a dildo on the table, he returns with his very own dildo! In the event that you can’t beat them, join them, so Thyle heartily respects Tomas’ enormous cock in his ass!

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