Men Over 30: Jack Dyer & JD Travis

Men Over 30: Jack Dyer & JD Travis 2
The Big C Men

Muscled daddy bears Jack Dyer and JD Travis get together in today’s sweaty bareback adventure by Men Over 30. Jack fucks JD’s ass so good! When JD joined this exercise center, he didn’t know whether it would be a solid match for a person his age. He was stressed that it’d simply be a lot of youthful folks and that the spot wouldn’t generally feel inviting for him, yet when he meets Jack in the storage space, he understands he’s picked the ideal spot to work out his strain.

Men Over 30: Jack Dyer & JD Travis

Jack Dyer has an extraordinary body, and JD Travis suspects that he gets a kick out of the chance to press shortly of additional work here in the storage space.

Men Over 30: Jack Dyer & JD Travis 1

Crushing it in is exactly what Jack has as a main priority, as he eyes JD’s hole when he twists around, and on the off chance that he has his direction, JD is going to get the exercise he’s been hanging tight for and needing for in this way, so long.

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