Drew Dixon & Brian Bonds – Fist Bus 2

Drew Dixon & Brian Bonds – Fist Bus 2 1

In this second episode of Fisting Central’s Fist Bus 2, Brian Bonds returns the favor by fisting Drew Dixon’s massive, gaping hole, after in episode 1, Brian was punched by Drew. In the back of the ‘Fist Bus’, sexy Brit Drew Dixon has just shown his appreciation to hunky Brian Bonds for saving him from the elements on a snowy road outside Vegas. As they whiz down the highway, having a fist-fest on a leather bed behind tinted windows as clueless commuters and truckers pass by, Brian demonstrates true American hospitality to his impatient English friend.

Drew Dixon & Brian Bonds – Fist Bus 2

Drew can’t wait to get his beautiful muscle ass manhandled by Brian’s manly mitts, and as they get closer to city limits, the hungry cocksucking and ass-eating lead to the main event. Soon, Brian’s hand is buried wrist deep in British booty. Slathered in J-Lube, Drew gets his prostate pounded till he shoots a giant load and Brian laps it up, as they both hit the jackpot in Sin City.

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