Heavy Coffee Cream – Dirty Boy Video

Heavy Coffee Cream - Dirty Boy Video 1
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Two gay guys have dirty fun in this Dirty Boy Video named “Heavy Coffee Cream”. After some stroking and sucking, the two cum in a coffee jug. Mikey Allens is making coffee and playing with an old camera when Johnny Moore walks in the kitchen. No only does Mikey want to try out the camera, he also needs cream for his coffee.

Heavy Coffee Cream - Dirty Boy Video

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Johnny is willing to give Mikey everything he wants today and wastes no time getting on his knees as Mikey turns on the camera. Johnny is thrilled with the sight of Mikey’s thick veiny cock as it plops out of his tighty whities and drapes across his big hairy, lowhanging balls.

Heavy Coffee Cream - Dirty Boy Video 2

Johnny sucks and gags as he goes all the way down, working the shaft with his talented tongue and begging for Mikey to finish off. It doesn’t take long before Mikey drains his balls all over Johnny’s hungry face and heaving chest. When Johnny feels the cum hit his skin, all bets are off and he grabs the coffee pot to dump his extra thick and creamy load into the warm dark beverage. Thanks to Johnny, Mikey got to check out his camera and got a healthy batch of cream for his coffee.

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