Cesar Rossi & Helloojose Flip for Pride Studios

Cesar Rossi & Helloojose Flip for Pride Studios 1
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This week at Pride Studios, a hot new model makes his gay porn debut. Enjoy this tape in which hot Latinos Helloojose & Cesar Rossi flip! Although his name is difficult to remember, Helloojose is definitely a man to remember. He is from Venezuela, but because of the events there, he chose to emigrate to the United States. He says that being a person in Venezuela at the moment is difficult and if you are gay, it is even worse. That is why he is happy to have the opportunity to be himself and do what he wants.

In his first scene, Helloojose meets Caesar Rossi. Caesar shares that his impressions of Helloojose are excellent: “Even when I saw him, I really liked him. I was impressed by his muscular, dark-skinned body covered in tattoos. He is definitely quite hairy but unfortunately prefers to be clean-shaven. But his beard was amazing”. What is certain is the fact that there is a lot of chemistry between the two, as you will see in the video.

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Cesar Rossi & Helloojose Flip for Pride Studios

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