Daddy Gives His Slave A Sore Hole

Daddy Gives His Slave A Sore Hole 2
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Dominant Faisul Bittar puts his slave Antu Burghos on all fours and gives him good pounding from behind that leaves Antu’s hole so sore. Smooth boy Antu is at the mercy of muscled young daddy Faisul, his mouth gagged and his hands bound while the man pinches his tender nipples and spits in his face. The twink can do nothing while his dominant master bites and tweaks, slaps, and licks.

The boy knows what’s demanded of him the moment that big daddy cock is grinding in his innocent face. He gags on the huge uncut meat, the helmet dribbling precum over his tongue. He can’t deny it tastes so good, but although he’d greedily suck the load out of it to please his master daddy Faisul needs that ass more than the boy’s mouth.

Hung Young Brit

With the twink’s cheeks red and sore he licks and slurps, finally sliding in his big raw fuck meat and pounding his pucker with demanding thrusts. Antu can’t wait to cum, jacking his own rigid stick in his fist while daddy uses his sore twink ass until he can feel that hot cum flooding over his hole and balls, giving the boy the release he craves.


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