Manly Soldier Blain O’Connor Enjoys David Skylar’s Domination

Manly Soldier Blain O'Connor Enjoys David Skylar's Domination 4
David Skylar penetrates Blain O'Connor's ass.
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up
Face Down Ass Up

Blain O’Connor has always been described as a rude man who exudes brutal masculinity. Now he wants to escape this image and be dominated. David Skylar doesn’t mind fulfilling the soldier’s wish.

Blain O’Connor is a manly infantryman, a stern soldier, but he likes to be dominated and treated hard. Commander David Skylar will help Blain with his desire. After all, who wouldn’t help such a handsome man in this way ?! Indeed, Blain is one of the best soldiers we’ve seen on stage for Active Duty. He is tall, muscular, and has a raw beauty. Most people expect him to be rude, but the truth is that Blain likes obedience and prefers the men around him to be rude sexually. He explains that he does not like the stereotype of the harsh male, unlike us.

In this scene, David Skylar will try to bring Blain O’Connor to a state of complete sexual submission. In fact, this happens at the beginning of the scene, when Blain demonstrates complete devotion to his commander by falling to his knees and sucking on his dick. We pay special attention to the next part when David rims Blain’s ass. We’ve seen a lot of asses, but this one is just perfect. By the way, quite naughty ass, which is accustomed to fucking it hard and raw.

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In general, Blain O’Connor is really brilliant in every aspect of his screen presence. Enjoy him!


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