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2 Rough Tops Use Hard A Submissive Bottom

In this BDSM & bareback scene by Young Bastards, an extremely horny submissive dude gets used very raw and rough by 2 sadistic tops. With a ball gag in his mouth and a collar around his neck sub boy Derek is dragged into the room by his new owners. Fit young dom jock Faisul and his trainee Mark have a lot to do and they waste little time thrusting their bulging meat in his cute face.

Their sweat and precum seeps through the cotton while they stroke and hump against him, but with the gag removed the boy knows what’s expected. Derek is a fast learner. The two dripping dongs demand his tongue and lips and the boy knows that he needs to work hard to please them both, gagging and slurping their erections while they slap their gooey meat in his face and tug his hair hard to direct him.

The two doms won’t be satisfied until their cum is splashed and Derek knows his ass is gonna get it. With his own greed growing and his appreciation for their big delicious dicks urging him on he submits to their needs, not that he has much choice. They share him, fucking his mouth and his snug little hole, their penises gooey and throbbing with urgency while they use him between them and douse him in their hot milky messes. The twink sub slut can’t quite believe what happened, but his own load needs to be splashed before he seeks freedom.


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