Ag: Shusaku Fists Yoshi Kawasaki Covered With Silver

Ag: Shusaku Fists Yoshi Kawasaki Covered With Silver 2
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In Ag, Yoshi Kawasaki and the aggressive fucker Shusaku cover their bodies in silver cream before Shusaku barebacks and fist fucks Yoshi’s ass. Daddy Shusaku and his boy Yoshi get covered in silver gunge. Their bodies take on their gleaming color as they become metallic creatures.

They feel their way around each other’s silvery bodies and fuck each other. Shusaku fists his boy with his big chunky hand. Yoshi screams in pleasure as though he’d never taken such a big meaty fist before. Daddy Shusaku uses Yoshi’s sloppy pussy to cum. Yoshi pushes Shusaku’s metallic load out of his red rosebud.

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